All events are certified by the Missouri Horseshow Association.
All events will include a tack swap.

Please have a look at:

  • Our Point System.
  • Our printable Awards Form to register for end of year COE awards. Award types will include:
    • Rider of the Year, by division
    • Horse of the Year, Baby Greens only
    • Lesson Horse of the Year
  • Please enclose $10 per rider, $10 per horse (owner of horse pays fee). Fees must be paid to Royal-T Ranch by November 1st.

Upcoming Events

  • May 31st: Schooling Show at Royal-T Ranch
    Class list is here.
  • June 9-13th: Smash Week for Xanadu Farms and Royal-T Ranch
  • June 16-20th: Summer Camp at Xanadu Farms
  • June 23-27th: Smash Week Pt. 2 for Xanadu Farms and Royal-T Ranch
  • July 12th: Show at Avalon Farms
  • July 26th: Show at Xanadu Farms
  • August 23-24th: The Kirkwood Show
  • September 27th: Show at Avalon Farms
  • October 18th: Show at Avalon Farms
  • October 25th: Show at Xanadu Farms
  • November 21st: Central Ozark Equestrians End of Year Banquet

  • Please check our Events page - due to the large number of entries, we are now extending our show to two days. All Hunters and Jumpers will compete on Saturdays. Dressage will be held Sundays, beginning at 1:00 P.M.